Defining the Terrorists

January 26, 2006

The Islamic militant Hamas won a landslide victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, winning 76 seats in the 132-member legislature, election officials said Thursday. The rival Fatah Party, which controlled Palestinian politics for four decades, won 43 seats.

Hamas supporters raised their flag over the Palestinian parliament and rushed into the building amid clashes with Fatah loyalists a day after winning parliamentary elections.

The two camps threw stones at each other, breaking windows in the building, as Fatah supporters briefly tried to lower the green Hamas banners. The crowd of about 3,000 Hamas backers cheered and whistled as activists on the roof of the parliament raised the Hamas banner again.

Sound’s like “the Palestinian people” side with Hamas now.  While the Fatah elitists would like to spark a civil war.

If “the people” vote in a world renowned terrorist organization, are “the people” themselves not terrorists?

“Hamas won,” said Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. “Hamas is surely not a democratic movement. Its ideas are surely not humanistic ideas.
“What do we do now?”
Poor Europe.  What will they ever do?


The War No One Talks About

January 25, 2006

Texas-Mexico Border Standoff Reported

Texas law enforcement officers faced off with men dressed as Mexican Army soldiers and apparent drug suspects near the U.S.-Mexican border Tuesday, after three SUVs attempted to flee state authorities, officials said.

Men dressed in Mexican military uniforms or camouflage were on the U.S. side of the border in Texas, she said.

U.S. officials who pursued three fleeing SUVs to the Mexican border saw what appeared to be a Mexican military Humvee help one of the SUVs when it got stuck in the river, he said.

“It’s been so bred into everyone not to start an international incident with Mexico that it’s been going on for years,” Doyal said. “When you’re up against mounted machine guns, what can you do? Who wants to pull the trigger first? Certainly not us.”

In November, Doyal said Border Patrol agents in the border town of Fort Hancock called for help after confronting more than six men dressed in Mexican military uniforms. The men allegedly were trying to bring more than three tons of marijuana across the Rio Grande, Doyal told the newspaper.

This stuff just doesn’t get reported; not even on FoxNews.  So much for being News.

Debunking Intelligent Design

January 24, 2006

What is “Intelligent Design”?

Quite simply, it is a Marketing Scheme.

Take Creationism, repackage it, and put it on the shelf like just another cheap knock-off at WalMart.

Why do I describe what typical conservatives push as being ‘the truth’ this way?

Because I subscribe to the philosophy “Be true to thyself.”

If you believe in Pure Creationism, just call it what it is.  Don’t market it as something different.

Why is it that Creationists feel this remarketing plan is needed?  

  • Because the Evolutionist’s are just as close minded as the Creationists.

What is the solution to this conflict?

  • Directed Evolution – the concept that evolution is a tool or process of God.

The argument as to which theory, evolution or creation, should be taught in school is a silly and childish argument.  Why is it one or the other?  Why can’t both be taught and the students use their “Free Will” to figure it out for themselves?

Of course, this would be too logical for either side to grasp.  

The Future of the Republican Party

January 23, 2006

The Future of the Republican Party
What is Perception?

Perception is more important than Reality.  

The perception of the Republican Party has become stagnant.  
All too often the Party is viewed as that of old, rich, white males.  
We know this is not the reality, it can not be denied that this is the perception.

Just as the recent lobbyist scandals have prompted called for calls for changes in leadership; this faulty perception calls for new blood from the grassroots to take hold within the party.  

Future of the Republican Party is in hands of the Youth Movement.  

Many of these young activists believe that in order to make a difference they must impress someone.  

Often times, these young activists do not fit the mold and image of a Republican.  

However, from an intellectual standpoint they exemplify Greater Conservative Thought better than the mainstream.

Politics should not be relegated only to those with established financial means.  

To change the perception of the party, we must change the makeup of the party.  

It is fully possible to sell the Republican Party as the Party of Youth, as the Party of Intellect, and the Party of Forward Thinking.

To do this, how we perceive ourselves must change.  

West Wing Cancelled

January 23, 2006

Of course it failed. They moved it to Sunday to counter Football. I’ve missed most the show this season just for this reason.

Then they put that loser Garafalo on. Way to run a good show into the ground

NDSU Makes Sportcenter

January 22, 2006

And for good reason.

“Upset of the Year”

Beating #13 Wisconson

Avoiding the Corrupting Power of Power

January 21, 2006

Have we here on the Right come to a point where the 4th and 10th Amendments mean nothing?
The Left reached that point in the 60’s. Are we where they were in the 60’s?
The National GOP has abandoned the idea of Small Government.
The idea of Fiscal Responsibility is non-existant in DC.
We must defend each Amendment as strongly as we do the 2nd; if we fail to do this, our movement is doomed to destroy itself by becoming what it is against.