The Future of the Republican Party

The Future of the Republican Party
What is Perception?

Perception is more important than Reality.  

The perception of the Republican Party has become stagnant.  
All too often the Party is viewed as that of old, rich, white males.  
We know this is not the reality, it can not be denied that this is the perception.

Just as the recent lobbyist scandals have prompted called for calls for changes in leadership; this faulty perception calls for new blood from the grassroots to take hold within the party.  

Future of the Republican Party is in hands of the Youth Movement.  

Many of these young activists believe that in order to make a difference they must impress someone.  

Often times, these young activists do not fit the mold and image of a Republican.  

However, from an intellectual standpoint they exemplify Greater Conservative Thought better than the mainstream.

Politics should not be relegated only to those with established financial means.  

To change the perception of the party, we must change the makeup of the party.  

It is fully possible to sell the Republican Party as the Party of Youth, as the Party of Intellect, and the Party of Forward Thinking.

To do this, how we perceive ourselves must change.  


One Response to The Future of the Republican Party

  1. GraemeAnfinson says:

    also, you might want to stop invading countries on false intelligence

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