Debunking Intelligent Design

What is “Intelligent Design”?

Quite simply, it is a Marketing Scheme.

Take Creationism, repackage it, and put it on the shelf like just another cheap knock-off at WalMart.

Why do I describe what typical conservatives push as being ‘the truth’ this way?

Because I subscribe to the philosophy “Be true to thyself.”

If you believe in Pure Creationism, just call it what it is.  Don’t market it as something different.

Why is it that Creationists feel this remarketing plan is needed?  

  • Because the Evolutionist’s are just as close minded as the Creationists.

What is the solution to this conflict?

  • Directed Evolution – the concept that evolution is a tool or process of God.

The argument as to which theory, evolution or creation, should be taught in school is a silly and childish argument.  Why is it one or the other?  Why can’t both be taught and the students use their “Free Will” to figure it out for themselves?

Of course, this would be too logical for either side to grasp.  


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