Who are the Nationalists?

Our country has always been the ethnic “Melting Pot.” This terminology needs no further explanation. While we have had racial problems since our beginning as a nation, for the more part we have united in times of tumult.

Our current situation has deviated from that historical norm. Instead of pulling together as a nation, we have not so gradually started to separate. Rather than ethnic, racial, or geographic grounds, we have separated on ideological grounds.

While this could be said to be an evolutionarily advancement of human divisions based on intellectual grounds; it could also be said that without the unity that has held us together for 230 years we are doomed to devolve into what we have escaped.

At some point, we must put aside our ideological differences just as we have, for the most part, put aside our racial prejudices, for the good of the country as a whole.

At some point, being an American must come before being a Republican or a Democrat.

And at some point, Corporations that have profited because of the Freedoms granted to them by this nation and its people must put this nation and its people about all else, including profits.

In a time of war, with the economy on shaky ground, corporations must understand that the long term economic well being of the country is far more important that any short term gains that they may make. In other words, they must make a sacrifice now so that they can succeed in the future. This is not a Leftist viewpoint. This should be common sense.


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