Liberalism: The Easy Way Out

Why is it that Liberalism in its modern form is so attractive to so many people?

For Millinia, many a conservative has asked this. The answer is really quite simple.

To find the answer, one must begin to think as a Liberal.

Imagine for a second that you are trying to get a Democrat elected in a Republican district. How will you do this? Well, the Democrat must sound like a Republican, but not too much to lose his/her Democratic base.

The way to do this would be to promise to fund a lot of Republican causes along with your base’s Democratic causes.

When you do this, you realize why Liberalism is so attractive: It’s easy to give away other people’s money.

(A Note on Capitalization:
Liberal = Modern, Democratic ideology; see also: George W. Bush
liberal = classical, Jeffersonian liberal
Conservative = ideological Republicans
conservative = Reagan, Goldwater; not George W. Bush
Democratic = of the modern Democratic Party; see also: self-serving
democratic = adherering to the principles of democracy
Republican = of the modern Republican Party; see also: self-righteous
republican = to carry ideals and a moral compass

In other words: Small letter good, big letter bad)


One Response to Liberalism: The Easy Way Out

  1. Ookami Snow says:

    Why are people Liberals?

    Is it because they like to complain and not actually come up with a solution?

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