The State of the Republican Party Today

The Republican Party has been hijacked. Hijacked by power hungry elitists who have ultra-conservative ideologies that disguise their real agenda; a new form of leftist thinking. This may seem like a strange statement, but if one compares the Machiavellian manner in which the Neo-Cons have taken control, the idea’s that the promote, and the crowd that they surround themselves, one will see the similarities.
Like all elitist takeovers, it is a small majority who have supplanted themselves in the hierarchy of the party. Even if it does not go all the way to the top, surely that goal cannot be far off as well.
What has made this coup de taut possible? Good, honest, idealistic individuals looking to make thing better motivated by a sense of public service and personal advancement. Some seek out making a name for themselves within the party, often with the best of intentions. But as they say about good intentions, so too it is true here.
Many times, when these individuals do make it to positions of influence within the party, the corrupting influence of our nation’s capital takes over and good people turn into greedy, power hungry people. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and zero accountability makes that corruption even worse.
From a historical stand point the Republican Party platform has stood upon the pillar of conservatism – balanced fiscal policy and where possible balanced budgets, leeriness of foreign wars and alliances, a non-interventionist stance to armed conflict, and a support of traditional values at home. The last bastion of the Reagan Revolution within the mainstream party resides within its tax policy, and even that has become yet another tool of social engineering. As Pat Buchanan has succinctly stated, the current state of the party could be summed up as follows –

“To hell with principle;
what matters is power,
and that we have it,
and that they don’t.”

Ronald Reagan said “government isn’t the solution, government is the problem.” George W. Bush says “Too often, my party has confused the need for limited government with a disdain for government itself.”


One Response to The State of the Republican Party Today

  1. GraemeAnfinson says:

    Kind of like the bolsheviks. power corrupts

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