The United Arab Emirates of America, Inc.

The United States is being bought, piece by piece by our enemies.

The UAE’s top 3 investing nations are: #1 USA, #2 Iran, #3 China.

This explains why the Neo-Cons say “deficits don’t matter;” our infrastructure is being put up as collateral.

We are not becoming an Empire. We are being Re-Colonized, under the flag of Free Trade and Capitalism.

The UAE is the finest example of what the Middle East has.

They have so much power and money because of their oil that when they have decent leadership they can overpower any company and make a huge profit.

They are the Netherlands of this generation.

A small country that gains immense power.

The UAE is a Corporate Nation.

It is not a Nation State.

It is a Nation Corporation

It should be called UAE Inc.

This is the most outrageous thing in American history since slavery, and its being downplayed.

Tie this to the push for a Service Economy – and it is anew form of slavery, or at least indentured servitude.

The UAE is the real-life incarnation of SPECTRE.


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