’s Port Policy

No matter what kind of deal the powers that be make, this story will be followed.

I will also be investigating other instances of our Infrastructure being Sold For Profit.

4 Responses to’s Port Policy

  1. puzzlefeet says:

    Our infrastructure is being sold for profit all over this country. Our public highways are being sold for profit,bridges are being sold for profit. You a bit slow in getting on this one, Dustin. It’s called privatization and outsourcing.

  2. GraemeAnfinson says:

    check this out.i don’t know if i agree with his take on this, but it is interesting

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here, I’ll give you a head start: Private prisons, leasing of public water and sewer systems to businesses so they can take the tax deduction. Leasing of subways, highways and so on so the business can take the deduction. You have your work cut out for you and I think you will be overwhelmed when you find out what outsourcing of public services there are in this country.

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