Commentary: Iraq

Since William F. Buckley Jr. has given conservatives the ‘all clear’ to speak our minds without reprisal from the conservative base, I felt it was time to do so here.

There are a few questions that need to be answered:

1. Will “the people” of Iraq be grateful for what has been given to them by the blood of American soldiers?
2. Will the “the people” of Iraq be willing to defend what has been given to them by the blood of American soldiers.
3. How will “the people” of Iraq deal with the insurgency once the American soldiers have finally left?

I have talked to soldiers that have been in-country and have heard the GOOD stories that they tell that we do not hear in the media.

The question at hand is not whether we as a country are doing good work over there, because we are. The question is, will that work and sacrifice be appreciated once America has finally left that country?

Taking “A Step Back”

What if, for say a week or a month, American soldiers left the streets of Iraq?

What would happen?

Would “the people” of Iraq finally take up arms and defend their own country from the terrorists?

Or would they sit back and allow the terrorists to gain control just as Saddam had?

These are important questions that “the American people” should know the answers to in order to determine what course of action is taken here on out.

Now, because our American soldiers would still be there to back-up Iraqi forces this would not involve a withdrawal of any troops, just a removal from public view of the general citizenry.

One could object to this strategy by arguing that “the Iraqi people will think we have abandoned them.”

This is true, and it is why the message of what we are doing must be made clear.

One could continue to object by saying “won’t ‘the people’ just side with the terrorists who will say they will protect them.”

That is a very good point. If that is the case, will “the Iraqi” people EVER defend their own country?

If the answer to that question is ‘no,’ we would then need to reexamine why we are there.

If the Iraqi people are not willing to revolt against the terrorists while American troops are still there to bail them out, what makes us think they will once our troops are gone?

If the Iraqi People will not take up arms to defend what has been GIVEN to them with the blood of Americans, then clearly it is not worth spilling more blood for a people that will not appreciate the Freedom that has been given to them.

We must, somehow determine whether what America is doing in Iraq with last beyond America’s presence and protection. If not, every soldier that is lost from now till then will be have been an unneeded sacrifice in a world with new threats popping up each day.

Finally, we cannot conduct our foreign policy in a way that Iran becomes out exit strategy out of Iraq.


One Response to Commentary: Iraq

  1. Ninja_monkey says:

    I am British and read your blog with interest.

    What would you do if red communist madmen invaded your united states?

    The red menace is something that concerns me.

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