2008: GOP vs. Conservatives

Lets look beyond this election with the sort of forward thinking and long term planning conservatives used to be known for.

People, we have a problem.

You believe one thing, and your national party has other plans in mind.

Currently, Republicans at a national level are seeking what can only be dfined as amnesty for indivuduals whose mere presence is within these border is a crime in and of itself.

I have nothing against the Mexican people. In fact, in the time I spent working with them on various assembly lines I found their work ethic and productivity surpassed only by that of the Bosnian, Kurdish, and Somalis that also worked the line.

These all, of course, were legal immigrants who went through the process of coming to America like millions before them.

I fully understand why business wants immigrant workers. While the wages offered are sub-par, the work conditions here in the US are superior to those in their homeland.

With that as a preface, it cannot be understated that undocumented individuals are by definition criminals.

It cannot be understated that in 2008, the likelyhood of a conservative 3rd Party candidate spoiling the election for the Republican Party is a very clear and present possibility.

The sad truth it, the GOP is asking for this to happen.

Immigration is part of the larger issue – American Nationalism.

Republican elites have chosen to ignore illegal immigration, but the conservative base has not.

I know many of the people that could be considered “the conservative base” who are on the “front lines” of the immigration issue.

As pictures of “students” waiving Mexican flags, I realized that things are happening much faster that those labeled “extremist” ever thought.

Here we have people who violated our nation’s laws by coming sneaking over the border now demanding their “rights”.

The only “rights” these individuals have are Miranda Rights: “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law.”

They are here illegally, thus they are criminals. Whether or not they are good people seeking a better life is not the question. Their actions are in question.

America does not need people that break the law then demand more.

Do we really want MORE people in this country who can’t take responsibility for their actions?

I think we’re all stock up on those.

Immigration is not the only issue that Conservatives are presently breaking with the party.

Reckless spending is the most notable, but a tone of ambivalence about the Iraq has grown even in Conservative circles. Some who do understand we have to finish this war are upset that we’ve expended countless billions of dollars and the blood of thousands of Americans to free another country.

There’s a wave building.

This wave may crush the GOP like a tsunami.


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