For those that Question my Credentials

This is a Graphical Resume/Reference Sheet of what I did for a paying job last fall.

A group picture from outside a Marine Recruiting Office in Silver Spring, MD from November 2005. This is actually the only picture with me in it, where am I?

This is Dane, “The Chicken for Peace.”

Jason Miller is the most hardcore Right-Winger you will EVER meet. And of course, he smokes Cigars with Tom Tancredo.

Chickens Like Beer

To the left of that Chicken is the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mike Leavitt.

If you are ever in Arlington, VA track down the resturant “El Pollo Rico.” It’s a ‘soup nazi’ type place. Best chicken in the world.

Ok, so between Kevin and Jason it’s a tie as to who is more Right Wing.

But I was with Kevin when he was chanting “We are Right Wing” next to the Ukrainian Embassy in Georgetown.

We spent $20 on a cab looking for South Pointe – “THE Republican Bar in Georgetown” and it turned out it was literally across the street from where we started.

Alex is just bannanas. Like the song.

Now you may ask, what was the point of this?



One Response to For those that Question my Credentials

  1. Paleoconservative says:

    Hey, thanks for the compliments on your blog!

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