To the Editor

Let’s speak in terms of ideas for a moment, the Marketplace of Ideas. We as citizens are constantly hearing politicians talk about how “they are fighting for us” when creating the policy that affects our nation.

It’s time that a new way of creating Federal Policy be adopted. The elected officials we send to Bismarck are far more qualified and connected to North Dakota than anyone in Washington, regardless of party. The voters of North Dakota deserve the right to be closer to where the decision making takes place.

To bring the decision making process closer to the people and voters of North Dakota, a new type of Home Rule System needs to be implemented at the Federal Level. This nation was founded on the notion of Self Government, so it is only right that policy should be made by the people that it will affect.

The Federal Government is not equipped to make policies that affect every citizen in this great country. Only North Dakotans can create educated and measured policy on all issues that affect North Dakota.

Whether it is education, the farm program, or energy policy – local elected officials can best determine what is best for our state.

Thomas Jefferson once said “The government that governs best; governs least.”

North Dakota has managed to keep its annual budget under one billion dollars to this day. The Federal Government, however, manages to spend that in just over two hours. The Federal Government does not know what is best for North Dakota, as such it will never have the best interests of North Dakota at heart.

Nor should it – In today’s world the Federal Government has more pressing issues to worry about than the price of wheat in Carrington. Which is why each State, and in-turn each state’s voters, should be empowered to write their own policy, submit it to Congress, and be approve or rejected for funding.

This would allow us North Dakotans to determine what policies are best for ourselves, as well as free up much needed human resources at the Federal level.

It would also remove from political campaigns the game to see which candidate can bring back more to North Dakota. A candidate’s elect ability can not be based on how much he or she promises the constituency. Politics should not be a game of who can promise more of other people’s money to the masses.

It is time that our representatives stand up for policies and ideas that North Dakotans actually agree with. It is time to take the power out of the hands of the few, and put it into the hands of the people themselves.


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