The Real Reason the GOP is Wrong on Immigration

Many of us have wondered why the GOP in Washington is just so wrong on the immigration issue.

The answer is quite simple actually.

The GOP failed to pass Social Security Reform last year. This year the first of the Baby Boomers start retiring.

Someone is going to have to pay into that failing system. Because of their inability to fix the system, the logic seems to be that by making 11 million illegals – legal, that this will shore up the contribution side of Social Security.

Clearly this is an Act of Strategery.

The Republicans today, are playing CYA so that when Social Security goes under, they aren’t the group that failed to fix the system.

Essentially what the GOP is doing is creating a under-class to subsidies American retirees.

At best this is Fuzzy Logic.

Because they failed to reform one system, they think that tossing out the laws of a 2nd system will solve the problems of the 1st system.

But when you control the Executive and Legislative Branches and still fail to pass real reform, can you blame them for wanting to shift the blame to the next generation of lawmakers?


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