Will Bush Support these Oppresed Peoples?

Taiwan Falun Gong asks US to help stop China’s alleged abuse

Taiwanese members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement requested Washington to use President Hu Jintao’s visit to press Beijing to stop abusing sect members in China, despite a US investigation that found no evidence to back recent claims.

“Recent reports have revealed many concentration camps in China where tens of thousands of Falungong practitioners are being held and face possible death,” the group said in a statement.

China outlawed the Falun Gong, which combines meditation with Buddhist-inspired teachings, as an “evil cult” in mid-1999 and practitioners have subsequently faced often brutal repression.

The US government said Friday that a team of US officials had found no evidence in northern China to support claims that Falun Gong followers had been killed and their organs harvested in concentration camps.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Washington had taken the Falun Gong’s charges “seriously” and had urged the Chinese government to probe the claims.

Hu is due to arrive in the US capital Wednesday, before meeting with Bush the next day.

There are an estimated 300,000 Falun Gong adherents in Taiwan.

Not much to say on this other than if other groups deserve American action, so does this one.


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