Oil Price Spike Retaliatory?

Oil Price Spike Retaliatory?

The possibility exists that the recent and rapid jump in oil prices is directly connected to the failed Dubai Ports deal that the Bush Administration supported.  

Current speculation points toward the failed deal as the trigger for the current run-up of oil prices.  If this speculation is true, it may vindicate the concerns those opposed to the deal expressed at the time.

Assuming this speculation is credible, then it is safe to say that these are not the type of people from a character standpoint that we should, as a nation, deal with.  

We should not be dealing with people, who at the first hint of not having things go their way, turn on us in a very ugly way.  

If this speculation is to be believed, the nations of OPEC have declared economic war on America.  Furthermore, if this is the case, we must scale back relations and commerce with these nations.  


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