on the $100 Gas Rebates

I’m not even sure what to say about this because it goes so far beyond absurdity it would actually be quite humorous if it wasn’t sadly so real. Can we officially say the Republican Party is now the “I’m not quite as Socialist as the other guy” party? What is wrong with our government when educated, elected officials come up with an idea so blatantly stupid and think it’s the cat’s meow of the day?

Here is an idea. Lower the friggin gas tax!! Yeah, right. That’s not going to happen. Once the price crunch is over the Republicans don’t want to have to be the ones to say, “Ok, time to raise it back up again.”

Most American taxpayers would get $100 rebate checks to offset the pain of higher pump prices for gasoline, under an amendment Senate Republicans hope to bring to a vote soon………

……. “Our plan would give taxpayers a hundred dollar gas tax holiday rebate check to help ease the pain that they’re feeling at the pump,” Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist announced Thursday.

Frist is such an ass. There is no way I am supporting this guy for President in ‘08. This whole move is nothing but pure cowardess.


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