What are we trying to conserve?

What is it that we are trying to do?

We are trying to change things. Things that we feel are not good or in the best intrests of the country.

We want lower taxes.
We want less government.
We want a better education system.
We want more jobs here in America.
We want less babies murdered.

Now you may say “you right wingers just want to turn back the clock.”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What is in the past?

Abuse and exploitation of workers, children, women, and minorities.
Blatant destruction of the enviroment without penalty.
Stagnant economies.
Basicly all the bad things of the past.

The idea that the ole days were good is completely false.
Sure things were simplier back then, but that doesn’t mean things were better.
All that means is that people we ignorant of what was happening.

What does all this mean?
We who call ourselves conservative are not trying to roll things back or keep things the same.
We are looking to the long term.

Our definition of Progress is Less Government.
Our view of the better life is more money and finacial security for EVERY social class, not just the elite classes.
Our idea of freedom is less dependence on the government.

The people rather than disconnected officials 2000 miles away should be making the choices for themselves.

In other words, self-determination.
It used to be a very liberal concept.


One Response to What are we trying to conserve?

  1. flibbum says:

    I agree with basically every aim in this post, but I’m fairly sure I would disagree on how those aims should be achieved. If I were going to pigeon-hole myself, I would fall somewhere in the Left-Libertarian spectrum.

    I have been checking your web log for a while, and I am encouraged that some of the less mainstream conservatives and Leftists (not state-socialist liberal types) are beginning to agree on where this country needs to go, and are really only disagreeing on how to get there. Which is obviously an improvement over how disagreements are handled by the current political parties and the media that support them.

    So now I suppose I should tell you how I think these aims should be achieved.

    Lower taxes:
    I would advocate cutting taxes on the lower income tax brackets first. This would increase purchasing power (slightly), and may mitigate some of the effects of not keeping the minimum wage concurrent with inflation.
    Also, end indirect subsidisation through tax cuts by equalizing corporate taxes (split the difference between government-favored industries and others).

    Less government:
    Drastically cut the military. If anyone is worried about defense, use some of the money to train citizens in firearms handling and safety. Provide citizens who have passed training with discounted firearms.
    End the drug war. Provide highly addictive drugs (heroin, crack, meth, nicotine) on a prescription basis to lessen street crime and undercut dealers. (I was kidding about the nicotine, btw.)

    Better education system:
    This one’s tough. No Child Left Behind is a joke. It just creates busy-work for school employees. I would ideally advocate community-based, democratic organisation to oversee schools, but it’s difficult to go straight to that from what we have (I’m thinking of poorer communities here, which would get stuck in a cycle if we did this now). I guess I’d advocate drastically increasing teacher wages, while at the same time requiring a Master’s Degree to teach (at least high school), but that’s a crappy solution. I’ll think on it.

    More jobs in the States:
    I’m assuming you mean good jobs, as there’s a plethora of shit jobs available.
    I honestly think this has to come from the people, rather than the government. Technology is being developed in this country (MIT’s Fab Lab, for example) that would allow depressed communities to start novel new businesses, and perhaps to form semi-insulated local economies.
    It is difficult to compete on a local level with companies like Mao-Mart, which buy from totalitarian quasi-communist markets and sell to state-capitalist markets. Again, this all has to come from the people.

    Less babies murdered:
    I assume you mean foetuses. I don’t disagree, I’m just clarifying.
    Knock off this abstinence-only crap. Improve domestic adoption structures.
    Again, alot of this has to come from the community. Making abortion illegal is a cruddy, statist solution. It will only wind up with deaths of misguided women, and being misguided in one’s youth should not be a mortal offense.

    Sorry for the long comment, but it seems not nearly enough people are getting into your blog. Hopefully that changes soon.


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