Conservative Anarchists

The rage of late on the web is to describe a division of the Conservative Movement that in many areas defies it being a part of said movement.

It started with “Conservative-Libertarian” then became “Gonzo-Conservative”, recently the term “South Park Conservative” has been coined to describe those of us that possesses social views that diverge from the average conservative.

This has caused many of us on the Right to use “libertarian” as a means of self-description.
Yet, there may be a better term for those devoted to the free market, the nation’s defense, and many other personal rights issues.

Because of the conservative nature of our tendencies, we have used very safe and un-combative terms to describe what our position essentially is, a form of anarchism.
The problem with the modern conservative movement, at least those in power, is that there is no representation of economic conservatives.
The Republicans may control Congress, but Liberals – Democratic and Republican – control the budget.

What is Anarchy?

Some people consider it to be chaos, but in political terms it means a society without need for a government.
Utopian yes, but with the hybridization with Conservative ideals it is definitely not leftist.
The crux of this theory is that there is no form of government smaller than no government at all.

We are not the religious righties and we want more than just tax cuts.
We will put up with the social agenda as long as the ideals of limited government are upheld.
Without the promotion of conservative economic policies that limit the size and scope of government, many in this movement will not support the social agenda of the right.

It is undeniable that political correctness and the smugness of liberals has generated a hybrid breed of conservative; one who possesses earthy cultural trappings but can no longer tolerate the self-righteousness and mock seriousness inherent to the emotion fueled left.
This has created a a leftist movement that abides by an “Illiberal Liberalism.” This is the difference between classic Jeffersonian liberalism and modern anti-Republican Liberalism.

The way that this is practiced is through leftists appealing to tolerance after people disagree with them, while simultaneously condemning whatever is mouthed by the Right as racist, homophobic, sexist, elitist, and/or just mean-spirited.
The attacks on those diverging from politically correct dogma are a severe and integral to the “toleration” and “diversity” endemic to us anti-liberals.
The famous quote by Nat Hentoff, “free speech for me — but not for thee,” resonates loudly.

This double-standard and lust for censorship is perhaps what is most repulsive about the modern American Left.
And to those who insist that Conservatism and Anarchism cannot coexist: Reagan was for small government, I am for even smaller government – none.


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