A Rift in the Conservative Movement

Today, I write this as a torn soul.

Two of my favorite True Conservatives are in opposition to each other on Immigration.

I have previously expressed my support for the Pence Immigration Bill.

But something drastic has happened. Tom Tancredo has come out against this bill.

So now we are left with not only a Neo-Con Paleo-Con civil war, but the Paleo-Con faction has now been split.

The problem with this is that the Pence plan doesn’t have any amnesty component. It is just plain dishonest to call increased legal immigration “amnesty.” And I’m someone who has no problem calling the Senate proposal amnesty, because that’s what it is. The Pence plan is infinitely better than the Senate plan.

It’s disheartening to know that Pat Buchanan, through his sister’s involvement in TeamAmericaPAC, is associated this mis-information.

I’ve been a Tancredo-backer for while. Disagreeing with Bush or McCain is perfectly acceptable, but the Pence plan is more balanced and logical.

I fear Tancredo has reach a place where he is being Extreme for Extremism’s sake.


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