Rerun: What is leadership?

Is it taking credit when things go well,
or laying blame when things go sour?

A True Leader is more concerned in getting the job done as to who gets the credit,
Or in hearing his or her name on TV.

This country is sorely lacking good leadership – at all levels.

We see this within out own party with the lobbyist scandals and the corruption that is inherent with being in power too long.

Denying that we have a problem will not make it go away.

Of course, the loyal opposition is not free of these same problems.
Indeed, it can be argued that their problems run much deeper than our own.

But we can not do anything about them, other than to defeat them at the polls.
Pointing out our opponents flaws does not make us strong leaders.
It only humanizes our opponents.

If we are to continue to succeed as a nation, we must learn to deal with the differences not only between Democrats and Republicans in civilized manner…
But within out own party as well.

If we can not reach above the level of partisan bickering that is preventing us from moving forward right now –
Then we as a party are doomed to reap the same results of elections past.

We must rise above those who would seek to hold us down.

We must take the high road not only because it is morally the right thing to do –

But because it offers the best view of the path ahead.


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