John Thune: Put me in charge, and stay away from Bush

Interesting piece at ABCNews:

“If I were running in the state this year, you obviously don’t embrace the president and his agenda,” Thune told reporters at the National Press Club. He said the Iraq war is Bush’s biggest problem.

“The first thing I’d do is acknowledge that there have been mistakes made,” he said. “Our candidates have to draw and point out differences in how they would approach and win the war in Iraq and how their opponents would. The biggest thing we have going for us on that issue is that Democrats are very divided.”

“Clearly we are facing a headwind if you look at the national political environment,” Thune said. “The president’s numbers in most places aren’t good … these are going to be tough races to win.”

“What our candidates have to effectively do is make it about a choice,” he said. “Who can move forward with a positive agenda?”

The story also notes that “Thune is a leading contender to head the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which recruits and helps finance Senate candidates, in the 2008 election cycle. The South Dakota senator offered a blunt assessment of the 2006 outlook.”

As many people know, I like “blunt assessments.” They may get a person in trouble once in a while, but overall the people who are willing to say what needs to be said are good people to have around.


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