North Dakota – Curing Global Warming

Dakota Huseby posted an article about how some enviromentalist group says North Dakota has some of the worst polluting powerplants in the nation.

Based on a combined ranking across all four pollutant categories (SO2, NOx, CO2 and mercury), the three worst-scoring plants in the U.S. were in North Dakota, with the very worst – Basin Electric’s Leland Olds plant – coming in first based on a ranking of 35th for sulfur dioxide, 19th for carbon dioxide, 24th for nitrogen oxides, and 37th for mercury emission rates.
The balance of the top 10 dirtiest power plants based on the combined score consisted of: #2 Minnkota’s Milton Young in North Dakota; #3 Otter Tail’s Coyote in North Dakota; #4 South Mississippi Electric Power Association’s R. D. Morrow plant; #5 Reliant’s Shawville in Pennsylvana; #6 Southern Company’s E. C. Gaston in Alabama; #7 Northern States Power’s Riverside plant in Minnesota; #8 Southern Company’s Greene County plant in Alabama; #9 Central Louisiana Electric’s Dolet Hills plant; and #10 Progress Energy’s L.V. Sutton plant in North Carolina. The 12 states that are home to at least two of the 50 dirtiest power plants were: Indiana (5); Alabama (4); Kentucky (4); North Dakota (4); Ohio (3); Pennsylvania (3); Texas (3); Iowa (3); Illinois (2); Nebraska (2); New Jersey (2); and Wyoming (2).

Interestingly, Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen
says “One way to curb global warming is to purposely shoot sulfur into the atmosphere.”

Now, people smarter than me can contradict me on this, but aren’t we already doing with out coal fired powerplants in North Dakota?

This Crutzen guy is definately an alarmist

“Given the grossly disappointing international political response to the required greenhouse gas emissions, … research on the feasibility and environmental consequences of climate engineering of the kind presented in this paper, which might need to be deployed in future, should not be tabooed.”

Clearly this fellow is a comrade of Al Gore, who interestingly has been distancing himself from the Democrats and aligning with Greens. But if sulfur is the answer to global warming, North Dakota is ahead of the game.

As I wrote some time ago.

We here in North Dakota have gotten to the point where we are dependent on the money that the energy industry has pumped into the economy. This is great, I would never say anything bad about the fact that this industy has been good for the economy and the income levels in this state. But high paying jobs are not enough.

It has always been my feeling that there isn’t nearly enough conservation within the conservative movement.

This state should make a concerted effort to not only be energy independent and self sustaining, but also a ‘clean’ or ‘green’ state, whichever your political leanings tell you is better.

North Dakota’s economic success should not be at the cost of its clean air and its children’s respiratory health.

What many people here in “fly-over” country need to realize is that the reason these Lefist Elites are constantly harping on these issues is because they have chosen to live in these cities which really are toxic stews.

Go to any city with an actual population and you will understand. The air sucks. Goto a place like D.C. and its like a blanket over your face. Point is these elites assume the whole world is like the way their cities are.

One of the best things about coming back to North Dakota after being to a place like that is to actually be able to breathe the air. Like many things in North Dakota, we don’t appreciate it until we leave.

With all that said, we must remember this: conservatism cannot be genuine without conservation. Whether it is fiscal, social, or enviromental – conservatism is hollow without conservation.


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