Re-run: North Dakota’s Air, Formerly Known as Clean

I’ve travelled the country. I’ve been to the the big cities. The air sucks. Goto a place like D.C. and its like a blanket over your face. North Dakota’s air is still very clean by those standards.

That said, this state must stop selling its soul and whoring itself out to the energy producers that are pretty much the entire basis for our economy at this point.

We here in North Dakota have gotten to the point where we are dependent on the money that the energy industry has pumped into the economy. This is great, I would never say anything bad about the fact that this industy has been good for the economy and the income levels in this state. But high paying jobs are not enough.

Teddy Roosevelt came to North Dakota for the clean and open air that was not in New York City and was literally killing him in NYC. Luckily there isn’t much pollution out west, but in the Mercer County (where I grew up) and the Bismarck area the air is not nearly what it should be.

I am not a tree hugger. Typically, can’t stand enviromentalist wacko’s who think of everything in terms of ‘enviromentally friendly.’

Rather, this issue should be looked at from the point of view of ‘human friendliness.’

North Dakota is a conservative state, as am I a conservative person. But it has always been my feeling that there isn’t nearly enough conservation within the conservative movement.

This state should make a concerted effort to not only be energy independent and self sustaining, but also a ‘clean’ or ‘green’ state, whichever your political leanings tell you is better.

North Dakota’s economic success should not be at the cost of its clean air and its children’s respiratory health.

Conservatism cannot be genuine without conservation; whether that is fiscal, social, or enviromental.


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