Remember James Traficant?

I sure do.
I remember his great little speeches on the floor of the House.
It could be said that he was a blogger before blogging existed.
Sure he was a Democrat. But he was my kind of Democrat.

I start posting some of his speeches when I have nothing else.

Starting, now:

February 6, 2001
Mr. Speaker, there are opponents trying to kill President Bush’s tax cut. They say it is too big, it is not targeted. They say it is even retroactive.
Now, if that is not enough to glorify a 1040, they say they are upset because all Americans would get a tax cut.
Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. I support the pro-American, pro-worker, retroactive tax cut of President Bush.
Let me say this, Congress: there are not two or three United States of America, there is just one; one people, under God. And one tax cut that qualifies for all of America strengthens our Republic.
I yield back the fact that we have a Tax Code that would give Hulk Hogan a hernia.


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