Some Thoughts on Healthcare

Earlier today, Dwight Grotberg wrote an Op/Ed here at Say Anything.

It got me thinking, not so much about what the Federal Government’s role should be, but rather what we locally, here in North Dakota could do.

It is my view that the State of North Dakota should offer ALL citizens of the state a chance to buy into the same program that state employees take part.

Under this proposal, the state government would cover the same administrative/paperwork costs that it covers for it’s own employees. The actual healthcare costs will be paid for by the individual. The state only provides an already existing vehicle for the citizens to join together and “buy in bulk – Wal-Mart style.”

I’m sure people will say this is a socialist idea. Keep these points in mind:

  • The individual pays all healthcare costs his/herself.
  • The taxpayers only pay for the administrative/paperwork.
  • The state government does not make a dime of profit, all participant payments are purely pass-thru costs. The government does not encroach on private industry; the government just becomes the middleman to facilitate the bulk deal.
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