Rush’s Take: Will Democrats Side with Poor on Minimum Wage?

Will Democrats Side with Poor on Minimum Wage?

Now, I hope that the Republicans don’t cave on this. This is such a golden opportunity to make an illustration.

The Democrats claim, “We’ve got to raise the minimum wage. We have to raise the minimum wage. People are
starving and I can’t feed a family of four on it!”

Okay. Here comes your chance. Raise it what you want: $2.10. We just need to cut the estate tax. We will find out.

The question is, will liberal Democrats actually side with the poor and the minimum wage earners in America? The single moms? The teachers? Parents with kids in college? Middle class consumers?

Will they side with those people, or will they cast them aside? Will they stick it to them? Will they once again lift them up with hope and opportunity, or slice them down to size all because the rich are getting a tax cut at the same time?

You see, it is class envy at its best.

Rush has made a career of “see, I told you so!”

Casting fears of being called an egomaniac for comparing myself to Rush, here it is.

He could have easily voted in favor for this bill just as his colleague Colin Peterson just over the river in Minnesota did and not faced retribution within his party. The Republicans had the votes already so it was like a freebee. But our representative did not do that. Instead, he chose to vote the party line because he thinks his seat is safe.

He chose to vote in favor of the type of class-warfare the Estate Tax is about. With his vote, he told every North Dakotan earning the minimum wage “I would rather stick it to a handful of wealth taxpayers than give you a raise.”


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