The Folly of BOTH Parties

Setting aside the strategic issues that I have written about in the past few days, it is my view that where both parties have gone wrong is by focusing on the same segment of society for opposit reasons.

Democrats, such as Earl Pomeroy, by voting against the Min. Wage/Death Tax bill has made it clear that his focus is taxing the rich at the detriment of the poor.

Republicans, the 30 that voted against the bill as well as the blog-o-sphere types, have clearly stated that their sole focus is tax cuts IN GENERAL, but in this case the heirs of the wealthy whom are subject to the Estate-Death Tax.

Both groups have focused all their attention on THE RICH.

I should not address the attacks on my loyalty to the Conservative cause because my resume speaks for itself. But I will defy sound reasoning because so many of my entries end up about me anyways.

Why am I a Conservative?

  • Because I do not believe someone making $2000/mo should have Over $400 in Federal Withholding and Social Security taken out of their check. $2000/mo is not rich. But our elected officials think it is. I am a Republican because I believe that getting Republicans into office will change this. Do I trust on an intellectual level that they will get it done? Not really. But our chances are better with Republicans instead of Democrats.

    To me, I know the reason I do not object to raising the min. wage is because I am less than 6 years removed from making it myself. Does this make me less Conservative? Maybe. But I look at it as having “perspective.”

  • I am just as unhappy about the GOP’s positoon on many issues. #1 on that list, like many is HORRIBLE stance on illegal immigration.

    Working for the GOP currently, I am watching this change within the party 1st hand. Hard-core activists are rejecting the national party’s agenda outside of tax policy and national security.

    The point of all of this – both parties need to quit worrying about taxing and tax-cutting for the rich. They are such a small segment no one in the real world cares either way – regardless of the the economics show.

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