The Big Tent Shrinks

Brendan Loy @ The Irish Trojan’s Blog has this to say:

Time for a divorce

I am no longer a Democrat.

I’ve been calling myself a Democrat since I was ten years old, when I marched around the schoolyard in fifth grade chanting “Jerry Brown! Jerry Brown!” and, later, played the part of Bill Clinton in a sixth-grade mock debate. At the age of 13, I threw my hands up in dismay when the GOP took over Congress. When I turned 18, I registered without hesitation as a Democrat. I proudly cast my ballot for Al Gore in 2000, and — somewhat less proudly — for John Kerry in 2004. In recent years, I’ve seen the “base” of the Democratic Party drifting away from sense and sanity, and at the same time, I’ve felt my own ideological compass pulled somewhat to the right by world events. Yet I remain profoundly uncomfortable with the Republican Party for a variety of reasons, and I’ve never much liked the idea of being an “independent,” considering it — with all due respect to those who wear the label proudly — something of a cop-out in many cases.

So I’ve continued to cling to the label of Democrat, and to the hope that the party would somehow save itself from the tired orthodoxies of its interest groups and the execrable excesses of its far-left wing. I’ve shaken my head at the irrational policies and irresponsible rhetoric coming from so many corners of the party, comforting myself with the thought that while Dennis Kucinich may be a nutjob and Al Sharpton may be a charlatan and Howard Dean may be an idiot and Dick Durbin may be, well, a dick, at least there’s still Joe Lieberman.

Well, if there’s no room in the Democratic Party for Joe Lieberman, then there’s no room in it for me.

So I’m done. I’m out. See ya later. Sayonara.

My mom is quitting the Democratic Party, too!

This, however, is truly shocking: my mother, radical feminist ’60s flower-child, virulent anti-Bush and anti-war liberal — but also a great fan of Lieberman — is declaring her independence from the Democrats, too! She says, “I support Lieberman and I am sick of the Democratic Party and their death wish to put forth only unelectable politicians.” Unlike me, she is actively registered as a Democrat (has been since 1972), and she says she “will be changing my party affiliation tomorrow morning.” (To unaffiliated, I presume. If my mom registered as a Republican, I’m pretty sure lightning would strike her.)

I don’t often suggest Democrat Blogs, but I will be keeping an eye on this guy.


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