Republicans are Declining in Numbers

From Rasmussen Reports

Perhaps more precisely, the nation appears to be trending away from Republicans. During the month of July, Just 32.8% of Americans identified themselves as Republicans. That’s down from 33.5% the month before and just a tenth-of-a-point above the lowest level recorded over the past two-and-a-half years. These results come from Rasmussen Reports tracking surveys of 15,000 voters per month and have a margin of sampling error smaller than a percentage point.

The number of Democrats remained essentially stable—36.8% in July compared to 37.0% in June. The ranks of the unaffiliated grew to 30.4%. That’s the second highest figure since January 2004.

The number of Democrats has been consistent all year. The total range has been less than a single percentage point from a low of 36.1% in January to a high of 37.0% in June.

Republicans have suffered a loss of 1.7 percentage points since the beginning of the year.

As Sam @ Save the GOP pointed out:

The Republican Party has proven for several years now they only give lip service to the causes they supposedly support. There is no limited government under today’s GOP. Spending and debt have increased to historical levels. Billions of dollars have been thrown away into a failed MediCare system, the No Child Left Behind Act which is not the answer to solving America’s education woes, and to abuses of post Hurricane Katrina funds.

Bush promised to fix the solvency of Social Security to avoid its inevitable collapse, and yet, today we hear nothing. Bush promised to fix the tax code and make it simpler for all Americans, and yet, we have seen nothing. Amendment after amendment have been put up in the Congress by the few true Republicans that are still around to cut out the wasteful pork spending and they have been defeated overwhelmingly by a Republican controlled Congress. While North Korea and Iran get stronger and more of a threat every day the Republican administration does a song and dance, fearing any action that would not be PC. Yet, they wasted little time tearing through Iraq, a country that is certainly not a threat on the level of the Iranian regime.

To try and take peoples’ minds off of their indescretions, they shamelessly pander to the people with Constitutional amendments that would prevent homosexual marriage and flag burning, issues that are minor problems in our country and whose timing is nothing more than sucking up to the base. If only they went after the aforementioned problems with the same fierociousness.

People respect those who stand solidly on principles and are of an honest character. You may not agree with where they stand, but you will respect their honest convictions. The Republicans are no longer an honest party and their future vitality depends on those who believe in their true message to save it.

While this citicism may seem harsh, it’s right on in its analysis. At some point “the base” will have to realize that the party is just pandering to them with “window dressings” when the real problem is much deeper. The real problem is the disconnect between leadship and everyone else. At some point that gap will have to be mended, or else schism is not too part off.


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