Howard Dean: North Dakota is a Victim

As Rob reported earlier Howard Dean visited Fargo on Saturday.

Then on Sunday he went on Meet the Press and he had some things to say about North Dakota.

“I just got back from North Dakota. There’s not more than a war on terror going on in this country, there’s a war on the middle class going on. You know, those folks need help. And we need help domestically. We need a change in this country. We need a new direction.”

Why does he have to pull our state into his tirade on class warfare? Is this what the Dem-NPL wants?

“This is a President who has been bad for America. You should see what’s going on in North Dakota. Farmers who haven’t had any drought relief, people losing their health care. The President’s paying no attention to the middle class. Kids want to go to college. They can’t do that now because the President’s cut their Pell Grants. There’s a lot of problems in this country not being addressed.”

Did the President cause the drought? No, that’s called nature.
Did the President cause the healthcare problems? No, those existed long before Bush came to power.

Do the Democrats of North Dakota wish to have their national party leader go on national TV and fram North Dakota as a victim of President Bush?

North Dakota is an isolated state. National policies have little effect, good or bad, on North Dakota.

Howard Dean, go home. And don’t come back, ya hear?


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