N.D. Democratic Party: Bloggers are wrong to state their opinions

Fargo, N.D. – In an amazing statement by the Communications Director, Rick Gion, of the North Dakota Democratic has singled out and denounced the opinion of a blogger.

Rob Port, who runs the extreme right wing sayanythingblog, posted a very disturbing piece about helping our farmers and ranchers with drought relief. He does not support helping them in their time of need.

He said:

First off, where do these farmers get off “demanding” drought aid? Seems to me that droughts are a part of doing business in the agriculture industry. Why should taxpayers have to fork over money because these farmers weren’t prepared to deal with a season of adverse weather conditions? Farming is business, and every type of business has risks associated with it. In farming weather is one of those risks.

First of all Rob, how do farmers prepare for drought relief?

How can they save enough to prepare for a natural disaster?

Also, farmers and ranchers are the soul of North Dakota’s economy, does it make sense to let them go bankrupt?

I don’t think Rob’s argument holds any weight as it is just partisan rhetoric.

Will the Democratic Party offically come out against the 1st Amendment?

Time will tell.


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