Socialist Sports: How Marxism is alive and well in Professional Sports

When we think about billionare owners and millionare players, socialism is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, socialism is alive and well in modern American sports.

Revenue Sharing

The most obvious example of socialism in sports is the system of revenue sharing that allows “small market” teams to get a slice of the “big market” revenues.

While it’s great in principle, and actually does work, the differences between this system and Marx’s credo: “To each his need, from each his ability.”


Only in sports can an employee demard arbitration to reevaluate their pay once a contract has been agreed to.

Only in sports are employees paid based on “what they are worth” rather than what the work they do is worth.


Only in sports does an employee have the Right to Breach Contract in hopes of getting a new contract made.


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