What’s the big deal?

In regards to a letter that appeared in the Sunday (August 27th) paper about the key chain giveaways by the College Republicans.

The National College Republicans provide each and every chapter with these key chains that say “College Republicans – The Best Party on Campus.” In fact you can even buy them online at the CRNC.org website.

But the real issue is, do little trinkets cause drinking? If so, maybe the College Democrats should quit handing out actual beer-can koozies! Just because a campus is “dry” doesn’t mean we’ve turned back the clock to prohibition. Like it or not, drinking is part of the college experience.

Responsible drinking is one of the principles of the College Republicans.

College Republicans understand the fact that college students drink, but they use peer pressure to keep them off the streets and stop them from drinking themselves to death.

I wonder what people will say once this new movie called “Beerfest” starts being played on campus on movie night? How about “Animal House” which is routinely presented on campuses around the country as an officially sanctioned student activity.

How about the campuses where the College Republicans and College Democrats bipartisan sponsor Bar Crawls? What about when cities rent out a park for t beer garden?

You’re never going to stop students from drinking, or anyone in society for that matter, and it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money to try. The best you can hope for is that young people will realize their own limits and not put other people’s lives in jeopardy.

– Dustin Gawrylow – Former College Republican – Out-Migrated in Iowa


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