Hoeven agrees with Pomeroy

Great, let’s neutralize a few more issues while we’re at it.

The U.S. Agriculture Department’s offer of almost $800 million in drought aid is too small, Gov. John Hoeven and the state’s congressional delegation said. They promised a renewed push for a federal drought disaster bill.

“This is a start. It will provide some help. But we need to continue to work at it, and do more,” the Republican governor said. “We need a disaster bill, and we’re going to continue to push for it.’

“Looking optimistically, this represents, maybe, an opening gambit,” Pomeroy said. “They … acknowledge the disaster, and we begin to talk about how we build a response. What I fear, on the other hand, is they come to South Dakota, they pretend to do something meaningful … and that’s their final offer.”

For North Dakota, the proposal includes $1.38 million to help rehabilitate grazing land, and $411,000 that can be used to help provide emergency water supplies for livestock, Hoeven said.

I guess we were all wrong.


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