Jack Kemp to Campaign for Lieberman

NEW LONDON, Conn. — Jack Kemp will hit the campaign trail with a fellow former vice presidential candidate from another party: Sen. Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman said Tuesday that Kemp, a Republican former congressman and U.S. housing secretary, telephoned to offer support to his independent campaign, which the three-term senator began after losing the Democratic primary to Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont.

“We’ve worked together for years on some good projects that got done,” Lieberman told reporters while campaigning in New London.

Kemp said he admired Lieberman’s views on civil rights, defense, programs for public housing and economic development in depressed urban areas. “I’m kind of a Lieberman Republican, if you want to say that,” he said.

Let me make it clear, I understand why the GOP is getting behind Lieberman over LaMont. Any sane person would.

However, to see big time Republican donors, the party itself, and now long time solid Conservatives such as Kemp getting behind him must be disheartening to Republican candidates around the country struggling to do anything in their races.

Obviously the Republican, Alan Schlesinger, sitting in the 5% range doesn’t have a chance. But there are plenty of good Republican candidates around the country that are within the 20-30% range that are totally being ignored: our own Dwight Grotberg here in North Dakota being on that list.

I wonder what RNC donors here in North Dakota think of the fact that the party is abandoning not only Alan Schlesinger for Lieberman, but many other candidates such as our own?

We all know Dwight wasn’t the first choice, that’s not a secret at all. But to have a national party that seemingly writes off it’s own candidates like that is appalling. Why should any North Dakota’s send any money to a national party that writes off our candidates?


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