N.D. Democratic SecState Candidate parrots ACLU

BISMARCK, N.D. – North Dakotans should not be required to bring photo identification to the polls, in part because it has led some people to believe they need driver’s licenses to vote, the Democratic candidate for secretary of state says.

Television, radio and newspaper advertisements before the June primary election emphasized the need for voters to bring identification to the polls.

One television ad featured three people named Pat Schmidt. “When it comes time to vote, bring your ID,” a narrator says. “Your election workers need to know that it’s really you.” At the close of the ad, driver’s licenses are shown for all three Schmidts.

This is exactly what the ACLU said last year:

Voter ID: ACLU Urges Withdrawal of Misleading Ads

When did North Dakotan Democrats become the puppets of the ACLU?


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