Intellectual Honesty

We may all disagree on political philosophy and ideological matters, but so long as we can remain intellectually honest in our debates, we will be safe.

If such time comes where we as conservatives begin to twist the data to fit our ideological agenda, that will be the moment at which conservatism ceases to exist.

Such an instance recently occured where a conservative blog reported that “.003 of the work force earns minimum wage.”

But when you look at the Official Report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics it clearly states that the real number is 2.5%.

If we can’t retain intellectual honesty about facts and statistical raw data, we’ve lost the war because we are no better than the other side.

Once we start skewing the numbers to fit our ideology, than Conservatism itself ceases to exist as that is what seperates us from the Left.


I don’t have time to advocate a position supported by people who dismiss the validity of raw data when presented to them.

This isn’t about whether the wage should be increase, the Democrats blocked that already.

If we as a Greater Conservative Movement abandon the principle of truthfulness in our arguments, we might as well quit trying.

If your going to cite numbers, make sure they are right.

If you are going to cite ideology without citing numbers that is fine.

But don’t pervert the numbers to fit your ideology. That’s the domain of modern liberalism.


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