The N.D. Democratic Rift over Immigration

It seems there may be more to this Fuglie Attack on Mechtel.

The speed at which the attack was leveled is very interesting given the following facts:

1.) Conrad voted in favor of the Bush-Senate Republican Plan.
2.) Dorgan voted against the Bush-Senate Republican Plan.
3.) Pomeroy voted in favor of the House Enforcement Bill that Bush and the Senate opposes.

The overall breakdown of the voting went like this:

House Enforcement Bill

Passed House (92% of Republicans supporting, 82% of Democrats opposing.)

Bush-Senate Plan

Passed Senate (90% of Democrats supporting, 59% of Republicans opposing.)

So Earl Pomeroy voted against 82% of his fellow Democratic Representatives, and Dorgan voted against 90% of his fellow Democratic Senators.

It can easily be concluded that Fuglie’s rage toward Mechtel is based on the fact that his own Democrats defied their national leadership.


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