When Jim Fuglie Attacks!

BISMARCK, N.D. Republican U.S. House candidate Matt Mechtel said Wednesday that he no longer supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

State Democratic Party Director Jim Fuglie said North Dakota voters do not want a candidate who switches positions in the middle of a campaign. “It’s pretty obvious this is a giant flip flop,” he said.

Mechtel said Wednesday that the United States needs to secure its borders against illegal immigrants, and capture and expel those currently in the country.

“No one who is here illegally will ever get citizenship. There will be no amnesty,” he said in detailing the direction he proposes Congress take.

Mechtel acknowledged that in March he told the operator of a political Web log that the 11 million illegal immigrants now in the country should be given amnesty. He said he later educated himself about the issue and changed his mind.

“Our national security is imperiled by our failure to control and secure our borders,” he said Wednesday.

Mechtel is challenging incumbent Rep. Earl Pomeroy.

Fuglie said it is “interesting that the first debate on illegal immigrants in North Dakota this year is between Matt Mechtel and Matt Mechtel.”

Let me be the first to say that if EVERY Republican would quit supporting amnesty, many of us would be very happy.

Jimmy boy, are you that arrogant to think that Earl is that far ahead that you can start acknowledging Mechtel’s existence? Clearly Earl Pomeroy believes that it’s a “shoe-win” but that kind of arrogance won’t play in North Dakota.


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