2,996: A Blogger Tribute

Bloggers honor the innocent victims of that awful day…

Theresa “Terry” Munson died at the young age of 54. She was a person that was so alive. When she walked into a room you knew it. She almost always had a smile on her face. She was a kind and compassionate women and a friend to many. People came to Terry for advice and guidance. If she could she would give you the shirt off her back.
Her life was devoted to her daughter, her mother, and her two grandchildren: a granddaughter (her pride and joy) and a grandson ( the apple of her eye). She witnessed both their births and was never so proud and happy.
Terry Munson was my mother and my best friend. We talked several times a day and saw each other more than parents and childre who live close by even though we lived 1500 miles apart. The sun rose and set around Nanny Terry as far as her granddaughter was concerned who just turned 6 years old 10 days before she lost her special friend. Her grandson was only 9 months old when his grandmother died and has no memories of her except the memories his sister and mother give him from the adventures and good times they had with Terry. Terry was adventourous she loved to travel with her daughter and grandchildren (she was a gypsy at heart), she loved to Whitewater raft, camp, and be involved in any fun that had to do with water.
Even though Terry is gone she is still alive to her family. She may not be on this earth but she is always in our hearts and souls and always will be until we take our last breath. She is now in a better place than where she left us behind and I am confident she is taking charge there. We love her and miss to etenity.
We take comfort in knowing she spent her last moments with her co workers calming their fears. She was the “Mom” of her unit and many looked up to her.


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