Front-Organization appeals to Out-of-State Interests

As Rob reported yesterday the North Dakota Progressives have changed their name to a more neutral label, they are now calling themselves

It appears that they have realized there is not much demand for their type of thinking and are appealing to Out-of-State interests.

Ryan Gustafson who operates Flickertail Journal Blog and is running for the State House in Bismarck (District 35) has been spotted begging for help at DailyKos.

Here is an excerpt of his pathetic plea for help:

If you can spare even $5 to help NDPeople.Org continue running the ads, please do! They’ve definitely got the GOP scared if they’re already buying airtime to try and prop up Berg’s politics.

The Republicans are responding quickly – they’re already scheduling buys to counteract NDPeople.Org’s advertisements.

Please help out by donating to NDPeople.Org so we can get more ads on the air calling for positive leadership and responsible government!

Generally before you attack someone you have the funding in place. needs to change it’s name to “DailyKos-messing-in-North-Dakota’

I guess that isn’t very catchy though.


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