Fargo Liberals: Don’t Execute Rodriguez

I don’t know what the readership of the High Plains Reader is, but I know it is the ‘rag’ of Fargo “progressives” and liberals.

How out of touch are they to say that Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. who has now been convicted of murdering Dru Sjodin should not be put to death.

There is no defending the action of Rodriquez. There is no rationale for what he did to Sjodin.

But the death penalty is not something that should be imposed simply because of one heinous, gruesome case. Nor should there be a groundswell to legalize capital punishment in North Dakota simply because of one highly visible case.
We need to stop ourselves short of acting out barbarically, also, as tempting as it is. Revenge is not a good enough reason.

No rationale? How out of touch are these people?

It’s not revenge, it’s called justice.


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