Pence on Iraq: "We’re winning"

Indianpolis Star

When we asked Rep. Mike Pence on his visit, about the first thing he said was that he asked a general and was told “We’re winning.”

Pence, who predicts “more carnage” from what he describes as a ruthless and sophisticated enemy. At the same time, he harkens back to the purple fingers and the transfers of chores from U.S. to Iraqi forces, along with America’s superior firepower, and pretty much echoes the president’s Churchill impression. He says he’s told the president personally that he’s a braver man than his critics (many of whom actually have been shot at, even wounded, in war).

Conjuring, no doubt unintentionally, the ghosts of Vietnam, Pence proclaims that the resistance in Iraq hasn’t won a single full-face engagement with American troops. The Viet Cong didn’t win the Tet offensive, either, but they eventually proved that winning battles isn’t enough for a foreign occupier. We wore down and bogged down in Vietnam; and what would we have “won,” anyway, but a perpetually propped-up puppet government?

Pence’s view: “We cannot abandon those people.”


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