Grotberg Stands Out From the Crowd

GRAND FORKS – Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad and his Republican challenger have been traveling the parade routes of North Dakota in different ways. Conrad usually sits atop a convertible. Dwight Grotberg cruises standing up, on a two-wheeled scooter.

The two men joked about Grotberg’s Segway before a recent parade in downtown Grand Forks, after the company warned owners about a software glitch capable of sending riders tumbling.

“I was wondering, Kent, if you had something to do with that,” joked Grotberg, who has difficulty walking long distances because of back problems.

Both candidates have agreed not to attack each other. In the state’s last U.S. Senate race two years ago, Republican challenger Mike Liffrig kicked off his campaign by promising a “guerrilla warfare approach” against Sen. Byron Dorgan. The Democrat got 68 percent of the vote.

Grotberg said his campaign platform is based on providing a stronger rural economy. He wants to make tax cuts permanent and provide incentives for North Dakota businesses.

“Voters believe the Democratic delegation will bring them more money home from D.C.,” Grotberg said. “Over and over again, it’s their belief. I’m challenging them in that area. I don’t believe it’s true.”


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