North Dakotans for Change Endorses Stuart Savelkoul for North Dakota State House

Dickinson – North Dakotans for Change has announced that it has endorsed Stuart Savelkoul for the North Dakota State House for District 37 in Dickinson.

Stuart Savelkoul has displayed an understanding that pro-growth policy is the only way North Dakota can move forward.

“North Dakotan’s for Change was founded on the principle that conservative fiscal policies are needed for the state to succeed. We also are interested in promoting pro-youth policies and candidates that will look beyond the next four years, and to the next forty years – Stuart Savelkoul fits this bill perfectly.”

“We looked at the voting records of each of the representatives in from Dickinson determined that incumbent Nancy Johnson’s claim to be a conservative does not stand up to the test of her actual voting record.

With her vote in favor of House Bill 1512 during the 2005 session to raise the income taxes on corporations and individuals by 33% clearly was not based in any sort of pro-growth agenda on her part. We need lower taxes, not higher taxes, and we know based on this vote that she just does not understand this basic economic reality.”

Another vote that played into our decision to oppose Nancy Johnson was her opposition to House Bill 3004, that was co-sponsored by Sen. Rich Wardner incidentally, to require a 60% majority vote on any and all state tax increases.

“We fully support any legislation that makes it harder to raise taxes and increase the size of government. By making it harder to raise taxes, it makes it very hard to increase the burden of government.”

While social issues do not play into our official ratings of incumbents, it is important to note that Nancy Johnson voted against a 1999 ban on partial-birth abortion, and a 2005 resolution supporting the idea of a Federal Constitutional Amendment protecting the right to life.

“The voters of District 37 need to know that her claims to be a conservative are flat wrong not only on fiscal matters, but on social matters as well.”


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