Typical Response

Go figure right, I gave a point by point rebuttal of an argument the basicly tells people to follow Bush blindly and the response is name calling.

Strata’s keen intellect counters my rebuttal by labeling it idiocy and just repeating what he originally said.

The idea some Republicans are so damn stingy they cannot abide a Prescription Drug Benefit for seniors (one which I wish the rich would pay their own way on), just rubs against the American ideals of patriotism, love of country and looking out for each other.

He calls Actual Conservatives (as opposed to the Bushie Conservatives) “stingy” because we don’t believe in the Marxist idea redistributing wealth, and in this case, the Medicare drug program.

These Anti-Bush Reps consider anyone who would support Bush’s changes to the broken and expensive medicare/medicaid programs an enemy of the republican party’s goals.

Mr. Strata, I do not have health insurance, or prescription drug coverage – now, of course I am not a seasoned citizen leaching off the next generation because I did not make plans for retirement.
Furthermore, Mr. Strata you are confusing Conservatism and the Republican Party. A decade ago under Newt Gingrich they wanted Medicare and Social Security to “whither on the vine.” Your version of the Republican Party has drifted away from conservatism as Rep. Mike Pence has said for quite some time now.

Your declaration that there is no pure conservatism is contradicted by your claim that the Bush variant is the real version.

Bush is a Republican. Bush is conservative. But as William F. Buckley and Rush Limbaugh say – he is not “A CONSERVATIVE.”

Again, there is not a “Fence Only Crowd.” No one wants to build a fence and stop. Not Tancredo and not Buchanan. A fence is only a small portion of a greater National Security Plan.

Bush makes a joke of National Security by refusing to secure the borders.


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