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I don’t know how to describe Dustin. I’m not sure he does either. He’s a politico, a North Dakota Republican but he mixes that with the occasional oddball idea. Weird things happen in single party (read: single philosophy) states. You will find conservative pro-life Democrats run against liberal incumbent state house members in Massachusetts, and I’m certain the reverse can happen in North Dakota, which might explain Dustin. No matter what, he doesn’t take himself seriously (I’ve heard him comment “you can’t take politics seriously until after your thirty anyway”). If anything, it’s good advice. – March 15th, 2006

The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party:

It gets even better! Dustin Gawrylow, North Dakota and Iowa right wing political operative, had this to say on his blog.

Last Friday night (July 28th) the House voted on the “Estate Tax and Extension of Tax Relief Act.” The Republican Majority had decided to attach an increase to the Minimum Wage as a way to ease the Estate Tax cut through Congress. With no help from our representative, the bill passed (230-180) to pave the way to a three-year implementation of a $7.25 minimum wage; the first increase since 1997. While our representative’s vote would not have changed the outcome, it does give us a great glimpse into his motivations.

What a contortion! What a hoax! I don’t think this right winger wants a minimum wage increase, and he’s taking shots at Rep. Earl Pomeroy who does. Like I said in a prior post, why on earth should we be cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans when the national debt is $8 trillion and we have a war being paid for with borrowed money?

The bottom line is the minimum wage needs to be increased, and Republicans are playing politics by creating double sided legislation as political stunts. Folks like Gawrylow are rubberstamping this stunt by Republicans in Washington, D.C. by spinning it out of control and making baseless attacks. Legislation for a minimum wage increase should not be attached to any stipulations.

I knew Narloch, Port and Gawrylow were Kool Aid drinkers, but now I think someone put something in it!August 1st, 2006

I don’t often agree with the guy who runs When I do — and when he gives me permission — I’ll admit it by posting what he writes. I agree with him about this letter: – November 2nd, 2006

A Dakota Democrat:

On the Blog Links section, I have made a Featured Blog Of The Week. I have decided to try and point out some of the Blogs that I have linked to and let you know why I like the blogs.

This First week, I am going with Free Republicans. This blog is probably my favorite of the right-leaning blogs that I link to. Dustin Gawrylow is the person that runs Free Republicans. I really like Dustin’s writing style. He puts in what he thinks but does not alienate his readers when they disagree with him. He also doesn’t follow the party line. That is a big plus. When I read Dustin’s blog, I can see him in the conservative movement in the 1980’s with his thoughts. The movement that I could whole-heartedly support right now. They wanted smaller government and to limit government in the day-to-day dealings of Americans. They had a slogan that read “Keep Government out of the bedroom.” We know that isn’t a part of the Republican Party anymore. The one problem that I do have is that Dustin doesn’t always write for his blog. He is frequently puts a blog posting on reader blog submissions. So, I have to go there and read what he writes. It’s nitpicking, but I can do that. Read what Dustin has to say and go back through his posts. They are good reading. – December 3rd, 2006


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