Iraqis Complaining About Fairness

‘This is unfair’ say Iraqis on US panel threat

A call for President George W. Bush to reduce US support to Iraq if Baghdad fails to improve security drew a sour response from Iraqi politicians, who said Washington had an obligation to back their government.

“The US calls itself an occupying force in Iraq and, according to the Geneva Conventions, if you are an occupier then you are responsible for the country,” said parliamentarian Mahmud Othman, a Kurd.

“We were told there would not be pressure as such,” said Abadi. “In our dialogue with the US administration, we said that we would work together.”

While recognized US concerns over where its money goes, he emphasized that this was everyone’s fight.

“We are all in the same boat; we are not fighting only internal criminals but we are fighting international terrorism,” Abadi said. “We need support for that.”

Not fair? I knew it would happen eventually but the Iraqis now believe our protection is an entitlement.

How dare they act like they are entitled to our protection?

How dare they act like they are entitled to the sacrifices and spilled blood of our soldiers?

This is the attitude of college kid when the parent says they are cutting off the allowance. These Iraqis need to learn to stand on their own two feet.


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