Pres. Candidate Cox: Iraq Study Group Report Signals Withdrawal

Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2006

Pres. Candidate Cox: Iraq Study Group Report Signals Withdrawal
and Failure

The following is a statement from Republican presidential candidate
John Cox:

“The Iraq Study Group’s report proposes talks with the neighbors of
Iraq – Iran and Syria – as well as a phased withdrawal. In other
words, gradual surrender and failure.

The substantial risk is that this country and its sizable oil
reserves will fall under the influence and control of forces opposed
to freedom and to us.

I do agree with the commission that one of the components of success
in Iraq is economic success – a part of the puzzle that has been
largely neglected, but one that could very well be the most
important thing we do in Iraq.

I have been saying for months that Pres. Bush should implement what
I’ve called “Operation Economic Opportunity” in Iraq to stabilize
that nation’s economy, get its oil flowing and give hope and
prosperity to its people.

Like my proposal, the Study Group recommends re-deploying military
assets within the country. My plan would have them guarding the oil
fields and other infrastructure.

The effort of our country in this region was noble and worthwhile if
it carried the message that we stand for prosperity and freedom, not
just military conquest. Unfortunately, the public relations aspect
has been lost in the bombings and murders by the insurgency and

We have spent over $400 billion in Iraq and we have little to show
for it. The post-invasion Iraq effort has been badly mishandled,
largely because the Bush Administration has failed to address that
nation’s economy.

It is not too late to turn things around, and we must.


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