John Cox: Brownback Is Wrong On Immigration, Wrong For America

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2006

*Brownback Is Wrong On Immigration, Wrong For America*

The following is a statement from John Cox for President
Communications Director Stephen Abbott:

“It’s was reported this week that Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback is
exploring a bid for the presidency.

Sen. Brownback has taken some admirable stands on social issues – he
is pro-life and stands against gay marriage. But sadly, he has taken
positions which make his candidacy a “tough sell” with the Republican
Party, namely, his advocacy of open borders and illegal immigration.

Brownback has voted to support a “guest worker” program, voted to
support giving Social Security to illegal aliens, and believes
illegals who broke the law deserve to be rewarded with a “fast track”
to citizenship.

An open borders policy is wrong for America. It allows unscrupulous
employers to exploit human beings who are living here illegally, it
puts a huge strain on our hospitals, schools and housing; it takes
jobs from low- and middle-income, legal American citizens and it
cheapens our sense of citizenship.

John Cox is a social conservative who is already in the race for the
2008 Republican nomination. While John Cox believes in immigration,
he also believes in letting those who legally wait for citizenship
come in the front door, legally.

John Cox would build a barrier in the most vulnerable border areas to
stop the flood of illegal immigrants into our cities, and would crack
down on employers who give jobs to illegal aliens.

Sen. Brownback voted YES to create “guest workers.” He voted YES to
allow illegals to get Social Security. He voted YES to give illegal
aliens citizenship.

Republican Primary voters will vote NO on Sam Brownback if he runs
for the Presidency.”



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